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April 14, 2021 2 min read

The Covid-19 pandemic has gone from bad to worse hitting atrocious milestones in a matter of days. The virus is spreading uncontrolled yet again throughout the country and the numbers are far higher this time than they were back in July.

Only last Friday, more than 98,000 Americans tested positive and what is particularly difficult to digest, is that the worst is yet to come. This is not a peak. In fact, we are climbing up our way to it, meaningthe numbers are expected to still go up.

In the next couple of weeks, if the spread grows as health authorities expect it to, we’ll be seeing still higher numbers. From having just over 9 million total cases, we can quickly hit a total of more than 10 million in a matter of days.

Why is this virus still picking momentum?

Experts explain that the virus incubates quietly within the body for days on end before registering any symptoms. It takes more time for a person to get tested and yet more time to receive results. And during this innocent wait, the virus can spread exponentially from just one contagious person and infect a full cluster of people, from home to work to shopping malls and restaurants, etc

What is particularly disturbing about the pandemic picking up this new pace, is that it was expected and health authorities had been giving warnings. 

This current rise in caseloads comes from an already high baseline. Adding to that is the winter weather when people spend more time indoors, inhaling the same air, which with the decrease in humidity, creates the perfect environment to catch a respiratory disease. On top of these conditions, if people still continue to hold holiday gatherings, case numbers will be skyrocketing further.This Covid surge is thus expected to break yet more records.

Scientists and medical authorities say this low point in the pandemic was avoidable if only measures were taken more strictly and uniformly. And other countries have shown how the virus can be controlled and infection numbers brought down. 

By the end of October, officials in Taiwan reported that the country had gone 200 days straight without any local Covid-19 transmission. South Korea, where pandemic was initially reported on the same day as the US, successfully managed to control its infection rates, despite its case numbers going up.

These countries managed to control the pandemic with three aggressive measures with strict regulations:

  • They tested far more for Covid-19
  • They rigorously traced contacts of the infected
  • They made face masks mandatory.

    US Health officials and authorities have been repeatedly emphasizing these protective measures but many Americans are still refusing to maintain social distance and wear masks. 

    Did you know...

    According to infectious-disease control doctors, the effectiveness of a mask doesn’t just depend on its layered structure and materials used,it must also ensure a proper “seal”. The mask must fit snugly enough, around the nose and mouth, for there to be no air leaks.