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I’ve been wearing these masks for about a month now. I’ve tried every other type of mask. I got, I got loads of masks here.

I used to suffer with really bad acne from all face masks. I don’t know if you guys had maskne like I did. But this one, I don’t know, it’s just something about the soft, soothing material on your face that I have not had any breakouts anymore.

And it’s super, super soft, and very breathable. Like you will not remember that you’re wearing these at all.

Hey this is Noah from Spacemask. America's leading provider of high-tech, high-performance face masks. Our customers tell us they feel like they’re wearing nothing at all. And today in this video, Space Mask’s specially designed fabric is put to the ultimate test. Many people in the media have asked, what makes a mask effective? What really is the difference between a simple throwaway mask you can get at any 7-Eleven, and a premium mask brand like Space Mask? They want to know what makes Space Mask stand out above the competition. Here’s what the people told us they wanted.

One, comfort and form fit. Sometimes folks have to wear a mask for up to eight hours at a time. This is impossible with most masks. The typical throwaway mask will have you fatigued, with bad breath and sometimes gasping for air. So yes, they told us it was a very important to be comfortable, specially when wearing masks for hours long.

Two, breathability. We have found that breathability is one of the most important features people want in a mask, even if you’re only wearing it a short time. Long gone are the days of glasses fogging up, or gasping for air.

Three, dependability built to last. And last but not least, people said it had to be high quality. Many reports of masks breaking, coming apart, not being well made, or leaving huge gaps for air or other environmental hazards to enter. When someone buys a mask, they want it to last and be dependable for months to come. Space Mask is the leading high-tech mask brand in America with over 7,000 real five-star reviews. And it’s trusted by emergency room doctors working on the front lines to entire police departments who have picked Space Mask as their brand of choice.

Let’s look at the individual features that make Space Mask stand out above the competition. One, bendable nose bridge, which allows each customer to custom fit the mask to their face. Everyone’s face is different, and the throwaway masks are either too tight and uncomfortable or leave massage gaps for unfiltered air to get inside. Two, adjustable ear loops. Again, Space Mask’s adjustable ear loops help custom fit a mask to their unique face. Masks are a very personal accessory. That’s why we’ve spent so many research and development hours on making sure each and every mask forms the perfect fit. Three, high-tech fibers, odor-resistant, dry fit material. During manufacture, the fabric is designed with tiny sized whiskers. The whiskers point outward like peach fuzz, creating an invisible shield of air that surrounds the mask. The magic is in the science. Remember, the nano fabric is special in that it forms these tiny hooks across the surface of the mask. So tiny that they can’t be seen by the naked eye, or felt.

However, it’s one of the most soft, durable masks available. You can imagine these tiny hooks on a nanoscale forming an invisible barrier between the wearer and the outside world. So what does this mean when it comes to guarding you from another person coughing, or sneezing, or even breathing in your direction? Let’s take a look and see.

The droplets run right off. This cushioning layer keeps water and other liquids from soaking into the fabric. Water just beads up and rolls off the mask. Scientists call this the lotus effect because it’s similar to what happens when water falls on the leaves of some plants, including Lotus flowers and nasturtiums. The surfaces of these leaves have waxy nanometer-sized bumps that keep water and dirt from sticking to them. So while the masks boast world-class breathability there’s literally a barrier between it’s wearer and the outside world, where yes, the air can get through, but water droplets are preventive from getting in, as they literally roll off the surface.

Obviously they are stylish as well. They can go with any outfit. We have red, we have white, we have plaid, black, any, any outfit these will go with. They’re so cute.

They’re not gonna rip or tear after one use. These are gonna last you a really long time. They’re really durable. And you can basically wear them for any kind of activity. You can workout in these because they’re breathable. You can go to the grocery store, you can wear them for hours and hours on end, and they will always stay extremely comfortable.

So I put it on, instantly, it feels and fits. We can work with this and adjust to get that nice tight, safe feel, ‘cause that’s what we’re looking for. Oh it looks pretty too. It feels right, so let’s do that. Why I’m excited about this, is I’m a glasses wearer, and every mask I’ve worn, I’ve had to put my contact in, which gets uncomfortable as the day goes on because they fog up. Dude, there’s no fog and whatever. That’s nice.

I have tried other masks before now, and they always left me like hot and sweaty. I felt kind of suffocated. The Space Mask is the complete opposite. I really can’t see myself wearing any other kinds of masks from now on. And I see why they have such high ratings because this is truly the most comfortable, breathable, and also reusable mask that I have found thus far.

Right now, Space Mask version 3.0 is back in stock and ready to ship. Remember, we do sell out from time to time, as demand goes up from the news cycle. That’s why we strongly recommend ordering multiple masks. Customers should plan on having several masks at each door in their household, as well as keeping two to three masks in the car, so they’re never caught empty-handed. Space Masks are permanent, reusable, washable masks. No more running out or needing to buy boxes of hundred of masks, which run out in a week or two. Get a couple masks for each person in the family, and get it handled for good. So check out the page, browse through our 7,000 real five-star reviews. Many of them have pictures of our customers wearing the masks. Check out our technology and claim a supply of Space Masks while they’re still in stock. Mask are required in most public spaces. And if you gotta wear one, why not wear the best mask money can buy, Space Mask. Claim yours now while they’re in stock and ready to ship. We are offering 10%  off for first-time customers who use the code space.