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April 14, 2021 1 min read

The ranks of face masks have been majestically elevated in these pandemic days. They are our new “Safe Haven”. They shield us from the germ-ridden, droplet-loaded air of public spaces. They are Heroes and Saviors. And Givers of a new “peace-of-mind”. They do, however, come with one very singularly annoying problem  — “maskne”.

Maskne is the new term for breakouts caused by the prolonged use of masks or other facial coverings. 

People mainly breakout from the interaction of facial sweat, bacteria, breath-moisture, and oils as they build up under the mask. This coupled with constant skin-to-mask friction further aggravates our delicate facial skin resulting in breakouts and skin irritations. 

Here are 3 basic tips to prevent Maskne and other skin irritations.  

  • Keep your masks clean 
  • Always wear a clean mask. Frequently wash your mask with unscented soaps, preferably after each wear. 

  • Use a breathable, soft mask
  • Make sure that your mask is made from soft, smooth material that does not cause friction against sensitive facial skin. It is also essential that you ensure your mask offers sufficient breathability and airflow to avoid in-mask humidity, like Space Mask 3.0.

  • Keep your face clean & moisturized 
  • Cleansing and moisturizing are essential skincare routines. But now that we have to wear masks, we need to take better care of these healthy routines. Dermatologists recommend washing your face with mild soap and water, and immediately following it with a light moisturizer. This helps to maintain a strong skin barrier.