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April 14, 2021 2 min read

This pandemic has gotten you to wearing masks and frequently washing your hands all day long. You wipe and disinfect various surfaces including door knobs, countertops, desktops, and all sorts of groceries. But are you cleaning the one thing you have in your hand the entire day?

Multiple studies have shown that our phones are one of the most germ-ridden objects, carrying nearly 20,000 different types of bacteria. In fact, according to some studies,phones hold ten times more bacteria than toilet seats! 

Recent research has revealed that phones are major contributors to community epidemics and pandemics since they harbor many distinct infectious pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Pathogens from phones are constantly being transferred from one place to another, posing a very real and serious health risk.

Why are phones so dirty anyway?

Phones have been called the “ideal disease-carriers”. We’re regularly speaking into them, leaving microbe deposits via droplets. We often keep them on us while eating, which means we’re also depositing the nutrients that help sustain these microbes. 

Many of us carry our phones to the toilet where they are further contaminated from the “plume effect”.

We carry our phones with us almost everywhere — around our homes (on the dining table, to the kitchen, in our beds), to work, while out shopping, etc. And what helps our phone pathogens to thrive so incredibly well is the fact that they are often kept in the ideal temperature and environment; in our handbags and pockets.

And if that’s not all, we know we hardly ever clean or disinfect them, at least not properly and effectively. One study has shown that roughly75% of the people never clean their phones

So you see, washing our hands so often can only really be effective if we are also cleaning and disinfecting our phones regularly.