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April 14, 2021 2 min read

This pandemic has drastically changed our routines. We’re now deep into frequently washing our hands, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance. 

We’ve also been encouraged to take better care of our health and strengthen our immune system. Leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, recommends three daily practices that can really boost our immune functions. 

Here they are!

  • Get a reasonable amount of sleep

  • Studies have proven time and again that sleeping less than 6 hours makes us four times more susceptible to catching a cold than if we’re sleeping 7 hours every night. Why, you ask? When we’re asleep our body produces proteins that are vital to reducing inflammation and fighting infections. Without enough regular sleep our body has to try much harder to fight germs.

    In fact, the lack of sleep can also affect our body's ability to respond well to a vaccine.

  • Get a good diet 

  • It’s been long established that having a balanced diet filled with a variety of minerals and vitamins, helps our immune system to perform better. On the other hand constantly eating unhealthy, super-processed foods creates problems for our immune functions.

    Researchers haven’t singled out one kind of food to power up our immune system. But doctors do widely uphold that eating foods that are rich in protein, iron, selenium, zinc, vitamins C and D, can improve the functioning of our immune cells.

  • Try to avoid severe stress

  • A little stress in everyday life is just normal. But excessive stress for days on end can really negatively impact our health. Stress releases hormones that reduce our body’s ability to fend off infections, leaving us more vulnerable to falling ill. 

    According to studies published by the American Psychological Association, severe long-term stress can really eat away at our immune system.

    So how can we lower our stress levels and that too in these challenging times?

    Well, first, we try to create and follow specific daily routines that give us a sense of control and certainty during these uncertain pandemic days. Physical exercise is another great way to let out negative stressful energy and relax. 

    Yet another helpful practice ideal for these times is that of mindful meditation. This particular exercise helps us relax by focussing primarily on positive thoughts and emotions in the absence of any judgment.

    Make time for yourself and incorporate these healthy habits into your daily routines. 

    Alongside don't forget to carefully disinfect everyday germ-ridden items like phones, car keys, wallets, etc.