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April 14, 2021 2 min read

Hey Everybody!

This pandemic is keeping us on our toes, and we continue to research and discover new ways to protect our Space Mask family. We’re only up to our neck with one medical news when the next one comes running right along. 

And now, we’re trying to wrap our heads around the possibility of cvid-19 affecting male fertility.

Infectious disease experts believe that cvid-19 is basically passed on through respiratory droplets - from coughing, sneezing, conversing, breathing, kissing, or touching surfaces infected by a cvid-19 patient’s bodily fluid. 

Experts are actively researching whether the virus can be transmitted in other ways. In addition to urine, breastmilk, and vomit, they are also studying if it can be spread via semen. This has led many to ask if the virus affects hormones and fertility. And if so, are the results long-lasting or short-lived?

We at Space Mask decided to do some reading and research of our own, and inform those around us. 

In January 2020, researchers conducted a small study in Shangqui, China. The study analyzed semen samples from 38 cvid-19 patients, from among whom only 6 patients showed evidence of the virus in their semen. But these 6 patients were either in the acute stage of the virus or in the recovery phase. 

The evidence gained from this study did not conclusively say much. But it was sufficient enough for the medical and scientific community to research further. 

One thing’s for sure. Some infections, including flu, can cause high temperatures and illness that temporarily reduce sperm count and spike up the production of abnormal sperm. And cvid-19 is no exception. The virus definitely disrupts sperm production in the short run, but further research will tell us if these changes are permanent for some. 

In the meantime, we can all take preventive measures for ourselves and those around us. We must pay attention to social distancing, and make sure we are properly masked - Space Masked - whenever we step out for groceries, or just answer the door to collect a delivery package.