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Protect your personal space with SPACE MASK

The #1 Face Mask Brand In America

With all the confusing news and claims about face masks, are you uncertain about which one to buy to protect yourself and your family? Relax. Here’s all you need to know to choose your face mask with confidence.

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Space Mask is America’s favorite face mask

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10 Reasons SPACE MASK Is The Leading High-Tech Face Mask In America

star 8,707 verified 5-star reviews.

ordor green NanoTech

Advanced nano-size anti-droplet technology repels even airborne microdroplets.

ordor green Stylish Fit

Choose from 12 colors and a variety of styles to fit your personality. Not just one color.

ordor green 4 Sizes

Comes in 4 sizes to fit every face from adults to children. Not a one-size-fits-all brand.

ordor green Adjustable

Moldable nose bridge, adjustable ear loops, and nose-to-chin contour provide a perfect fit.

ordor green Washable

Easily machine or hand washable and safely reusable. Lasts for months with proper wash & wear.

ordor green Breathable

So advanced it’s easy to breathe through, even if you wear it 8 to 12 hours a day.

ordor green Odor Resistant

Odor resistant, stay-dry, never-sweaty design is naturally antibacterial.

ordor green Made In USA

Made in America – for quality you can depend on.

ordor green 3 Layers

Unique “breathe easy” triple-layer protection with built-in filter is light and comfy. No clumsy removable filtration layer or confusing air vents.

ordor green Awarded Design

Award-winning design is trusted by athletes, doctors, nurses, entire police departments, more frontline workers, and hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

Listen To What Our Customers Say About SPACE MASK


Discover SPACE MASK. The Only Face Mask That Delivers Advanced Microdroplet Protection Plus 4 Ways To Make It Your Own

  1. Measure your face and choose the size that will fit perfectly.
  2. Select your favorite style and color.
  3. Adjust the ear straps for the ideal combination of snugness and comfort.
  4. Mold the nose bridge to personalize the fit and optimize the protection even more Now go about your day with maximum protection, excellent comfort, and complete confidence.

Easy Chart Shows Why SPACE MASK is America’s #1 Choice

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Space Mask
Other Brands
T-shirt/ Bandana
Surgical/ N95
Anti-Droplet Technology
Nanotech Materials
Adjustable Ear Straps
Moldable Nose Clip
Triple Layer Construction
Machine Washable
Reusable for Months
Built-in Filter
Nose/Chin Space Contour
CDC Approved
Naturally Antibacterial

Easy To Care For


If you’d like to machine wash your Space Mask, set your machine to a gentle cycle and wash it in cold or warm water with similar colors. Then air dies it in a ventilated area.


If you’d like to make your Space Mask last even longer, handwash it in hot water with a drop of detergent and let it air dry for 8-10 hours or until fully dry.


If you prefer, you can wash it your preferred way before your first use.

It’s All True - Why SPACE MASK is the #1 Brand In America

We’re proud to offer you our Award-Winning Space Mask. The over 8,000 verified 5-star reviews it has earned from our customers are your added assurance that it’s simply the best face mask you can choose to protect you and your entire family. You’ll be confident in the anti-droplet protection your Space Mask provides, even against airborne microdroplets, including the dangerous aerosols you may have seen illustrated in the news. The premium 3-layer construction with nanotech inner and outer layers and a built-in antibacterial filer in the middle protects your private space with unmatched effectiveness.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Over 8,000 Verified 5-Star Customers Reviews For SPACE MASK

We’ve selected ones from doctors, nurses, first responders, and other Americans. Being verified means that every customer who leaves a review has actually purchased one or more Space Masks.
Matthew B.


I've gone through quite a few masks and I can honestly say that the Space Masks are my favorite. Lightweight, very breathable & fashionable as well! A very happy customer here! In fact I intend on buying more to give out as Christmas gifts!

Tammy B.


I work as a hairstylist and am wearing a mask 10-12 hours at a time many days. I’ve tried so many types of masks until this one! It’s very breathable and the coolest I have found so far.

Erin S.


We are mandated by US Equestrian to wear masks at all times on the show grounds... I was worried that wearing a mask would be absolutely miserable. The Space Mask was super lightweight and durable and was not a bother at all!

Alison K.


Purchased it for our travels to Alaska. It was super comfortable to wear for the 13 hours while we were in airports and on airplanes. Also used it during our trip while in Alaska... The picture is us wearing our Space Mask at the South View of Denali. Very happy with our masks

Donald K.


These masks are surprisingly comfortable while covering our faces properly. We have ones for both my wife and me with a set in each car. Plus we have one set we call our "Tuxedo set" that we used at a recent formal dance. Being safe can be both comfortable and fun!

Laura H.


Glad to finally find a mask that I feel safe in when I’m wearing it!I’m impressed, I like the Nose clip, the three-layered air filter system, with the outer layer being antibacterial. The fabric is breathable and I don’t feel like I’m suffocating when I wear it!

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

About Space Mask Products

The unique combination Space Mask offers you is simply unrivaled: 

- Nanotechnology to repel even airborne microdroplets

- Extraordinary breathability

- Exceptional comfort

- Unified triple-layer construction, instead of clumsy removable filters

- Stylish colors and sizes, instead of one color and one size for all.

- Easy care with machine or handwashing

- Quality materials that allow the masks to last for months.

- We use only top designers, qualified engineers, and premium materials. We’d never do otherwise. You can find cheaper masks. But ask yourself if protecting yourself and your family is a time to cut corners.

- Finally, when you order from our website, you can be confident that you’ll receive your Space Masks in a timely way. You may not know it, but many websites have extended shipping dates, which can mean the company doesn’t have masks in stock and some may never have them.

There are even websites that have false quality certifications for cheap imported masks or mask names that sound like masks you’re familiar with but, if you look closely, the name varies slightly from the authentic mask.

The special 3-Layer construction provides unmatched protection but is light, soft, and comfortable.  

- Outer layer: woven nanotech anti-droplet material that is also antibacterial provides protection against UV rays.  

- Middle layer: antibacterial polyester cushion filter cloud that is sewn in place.

- Inner layer: soft dry-fit nanotech mesh, naturally anti-odor and antibacterial, for unrivaled comfort against your skin.

- Elastic cotton straps: the materials really comfortable, even after 8 to 10 hours of wear. Other elastic bands or non-elastic straps can hurt your ears after just minutes to an hour of wear. You can adjust the straps to tighten or loosen them for maximum comfort.

For instructions about fit and cleaning, please see the answers below.

SpaceMasks come in 4 sizes: adult small, adult large, adult extra-large, and kid-size.To see the complete size chart, please click here

Width Measurement
Measure from the base of one ear, over the tip of your nose, to the other ear.

Height Measurement
Measure from the top of your nose to the base of your chin.

You can easily adjust the cord locks to shorten or lengthen the size of the ear loops.

If you want to remove the cord locks and use tie a knot, just follow the steps below:

Twist and tie a knot to shorten the ear loops. Then push the knot inside the fabric fold to hide it.

Your Space Mask can be machine washed or hand washed.

If you chose to machine wash your mask, please wash in cold water with similar colors, tumble dry in low heat, or air dry. 

To make your mask last even longer, hand wash it in hot water with a drop of detergent and air dry it for at least 10 hours until fully dry.

Most people wash their masks in the evening and leave them to air-dry overnight. How often you wash it depends on how much you use the mask.

We recommend having 2 to 3 masks for yourself so you can rotate them and so you can be sure you’ll always have a mask that’s dry and ready to wear. Studies show that leaving a fabric mask unused for 72 hours is the most effective way to make sure it’s free from any viable particles that could be harmful.

No. Do not microwave your mask or any fabric. It might catch on fire.

As with any mask, always remove it by the straps and then wash your hands before you touch your face.

About Orders & Delivery

If you place your order by 3pm EST during a business day, your order will be processed within 24-48 hours. It currently takes 2-7business days to deliver to any location in the continental US. Please, note that shipping to Hawaii and Alaska incurs additional charges. 

We always send out confirmation emails and shipping notifications. But sometimes there’s a typo in the customer's email address, so the confirmation email doesn’t arrive. If you don’t receive your confirmation email, please, contact support@shopspacemask.com.

Due to hygiene reasons and safety precautions, we don't sell returned products and we currently don't accept returns. 

We will, however, review return requests on a case-by-case basis. If there's clear evidence of a  product defect or financial hardship, we will consider your request. Please refer to our full return policy here.

Please also check your junk folder and whitelist our domain. You can always reach us at support@shopspacemask.com to confirm. 

About charitable donations

We are committed to donating 2,000 masks to support communities and organizations in need. Please email your donation request to support@shopspacemask.com

Please email support@shopspacemask.com and our Customer Happiness Team will answer your email within a day.

Face Masks Are
Required In Public Places

The CDC recommends that all Americans wear face masks when in public places. Be careful at home, too. Even another family member could be infected without knowing it. As many as 15% of carriers don’t know they have the virus. The only way we’ll get back to our normal lives is if the vast majority of Americans adhere to CDC guidelines and then get their vaccine shots as soon as they can. Other countries that have followed careful guidelines have been able to flatten the curves of infections and death much more effectively than the US (1).

Covid-19 Is Far Deadlier Than The Flu

Very few people who contract the flu have wind up in the intensive care unit, but nearly half of the people who contract the coronavirus end up in the ICU. Additionally, very few people who have the flu must be intubated, but more than 70% of the critically ill Covid-19 patients received intubation. Sadly, about 10% of people who are over 65 and develop symptoms of Covid-19 die. Covid-19 and other pandemics will be with us for the foreseeable future Masks aren’t a short-term need. We’re all going to need them for the foreseeable future. The only way to get back to travel and social gatherings is to wear masks (2).

Look At These Alarming Statistics About Other Pandemics (3)

  • 2002 8,096 people became critically ill from SARS
  • 2009-2010 14,293 people died from cholera in just these two years
  • 2010 18,036 people died from the swine flu
  • 2013 11,300 people died from ebola virus
  • 2016 8,600 babies were born with deformities caused by the Zika virus
  • 2019 2,413 people died from dengue fever
  • Now, imagine how many of these lives could have been saved with widespread use of high-tech face masks like Space Mask.

Below Are Photos That Show Where Gaps Are Likely To Exists In Homemade Masks

Household materials' effectiveness against 1 micron particles (4)

Home Made Masks Don’t Protect You Or Your Family Effectively

It doesn’t matter what kind of material you make them out of. It won’t have the ability to filter out nearly as many dangerous particles as a high-tech mask, especially a Space Mask with advanced anti-droplet technology. It’s also essentially impossible to make a mask that fits your face so well it doesn’t leave dangerous gaps along the edges. Here’s a chart that compares the effectiveness of the Space Mask with homemade materials.

N95 Masks Are Reserved For Health-Care Workers And Are Not As Breathable As SPACE MASK

True N95 masks, not fake imported ones, are nearly impossible for non-essential workers to buy. The good news is that the Space Mask protects you just as effectively and is far more comfortable to wear. In addition, if you can buy an N95 mask, you’re actually preventing a healthcare worker from buying it. You’ll also find that the price of N95 masks can be double the cost of a Space Mask, or even more. And they’re single-use masks, while Space Masks are reusable and can last for months

The Virus Is Mutating, So It’s More Important Than Ever To Protect Yourself And Your Family

Since the virus is mutating, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and your loved ones. Of course, you’ll want to get the vaccine as soon as you can. But until you do, your first line of defense is your mask. And even after you have your vaccines, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other health experts are warning that you should still wear a mask in public as an extra measure of protection.
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