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Frequently Asked Questions

Space Mask Products

All of our reviews came from verified customers who purchased Space Masks. They are being very kind to share their thoughts to support us and the communities we serve.  
Here's the link to Space Mask verified reviews.

Space Mask comes in two Adult Sizes, Small and Large, and one Kids Size. 

For the full size chart, please click here

For fitting and cleaning instruction, please see the answers below. 

- 3 Layer construction: light, soft, cushiony, comfortable yet still thick and durable.

- Outer layer: woven durable and breathable material.

- Middle layer: polyester cushion filter cloud, sewn in.

- Inner layer: soft wick-dry nanotech mesh for a comfortable touch since it's the layer closest to the skin.

- Elastic cotton straps: right out of the bag, they're soft and loose. For a proper fit, the user can tie the straps up in a knot to tighten and adjust it to their liking. The reason we use this material is really for the comfort of the user. Any other elastic band or non-elastic straps will end up hurting the ears after 30mins to an hour. Ours can be worn for much longer than that and it won't hurt.

- For fitting and cleaning instruction, please see the answers below.

We have recently updated the design of the cotton elastic straps. We are leaving them looser and bigger than usual, to leave you room to adjust the size to your liking. 

Space Mask 3.0 comes with the cord locks to adjust the ear loop size easily. When you wear the mask for the long time, we recommend the tie-a-knot below.

In order to tighten the straps, please twist and tie a knot to shorten them. Then push the knot inside the fabric fold to hide it. Then voila! now you have something that fits your face perfectly and comfortably.

To clean your mask and keep it last longer, please hand wash it with a drop of detergent in hot water, and air dry for at least 10 hours until fully dry.

People usually wash their masks in the evening and leave it air dry overnight. It really depends on how much and how often you use the mask.

We recommend you having 2 to 3 personal masks for just yourself to rotate while you wait for the other masks to “dry”. 

If you chose to machine-wash, please wash in cold water with similar colors, and tumble dry in low heat, or air dry. 

Do not microwave since it might cause a fire. Always take the mask off by the straps and wash your hands before you touch your face.

Orders & Delivery

We are shipping Space Masks from our facilities in California and Pennsylvania. We currently only offer domestic shipping via USPS/Fedex/DHL with tracking.

If you place your order by 3pm EST during a business day, your order will get processed within 24-48 hours. It’s currently taking 2-8 business days to deliver to any location in the continental US. Please note that shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will incur extra charges. 

Once your package is picked by the shipping company, you will automatically receive an email with the tracking number.
If you don't receive this information, maybe we had an incorrect email on file. Please contact support@shopspacemask.com for your order status. 

We always send out confirmation emails and shipping notifications. However, sometimes there might be a typo in the customer's email address, in which case, our messages can't get sent through properly.

Please also check your junk folder and white-list our domain. You can always reach us at support@shopspacemask.com to confirm. 

Other Questions

Yes, we would love to! We are committed to donating 5000 masks to support our communities and organizations in need. Please email your nominations and requests to support@shopspacemask.com

Please email support@shopspacemask.com and our Customer Happiness Team will answer your email within a day.

Donation Requests

During these unprecedented times, we are stronger together. With your help and support, Space Mask is committed to donating 5000 nanotech reusable face masks to healthcare workers, frontliners, nursing homes, clinics, schools, communities and organizations across America. Below is a growing list of places we have donated to. If you would like to send us nominations or requests, please fill out this contact form.

- Yale New Haven Hospital
- West Coast Children’s Clinic
- Columbus Technical College
- NYP Hudson Valley Hospital
- Santuck Fire Department
- Gainesville Rehab Center
- Whole Foods Workers
- And many more.

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