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April 13, 2021 2 min read

Grandparents are the first in the family to get vaccinated. So what happens when they’ve received both their vaccine shots but their kids and grandkids are not yet vaccinated? Is it safe for them to meet up? 

Both Covid-19 vaccinations, Moderna and Pfizer, uphold that two doses are required to develop desired immune response. Following the second dose of the vaccine, it takes up to three weeks for the immune protection to kick in and optimize. 

According to clinical trials vaccine efficacy reaches roughly 95%, which is sufficiently high, but still not a 100%. That is to say that there is still a sliver of a chance for the vaccinated individual to get Covid-19. Though clinical trials have shown that in this case the severity of the virus will not be as extreme.

So the doting grandparents can only think of visiting their little ones three weeks after getting their second vaccine shot. This takes us to the next question. Will it be safe for them to go meet their grandkids now?

Health officials say things are not quite so simple and vaccinated individuals cannot just return to their pre-pandemic lifestyle for the following reasons.

  1. The vaccine is not 100% effective and still leaves a chance of getting Covid-19.
  2. Many communities in the US are still undergoing intense surges, with high transmissions making it quite likely for someone to get the virus post-vaccination.
  3. Vaccinated individuals can be carriers of the virus even if they don’t show symptoms. This way a vaccinated person could remain protected themselves but transmit the disease to those not yet vaccinated.

If the grandparents wish to see their grandchildren, and they live in the same area, then they can see them while maintaining the 6 feet distance. This will involve some degree of risk, which can be lower if both sides were vaccinated.

If grandkids and vaccinated grandparents really must spend some quality time together indoors, it is recommended that everyone quarantine for a minimum of 10 days.A week-long quarantine followed by a negative test is the ideal but doing the quarantine is a must.The negative test alone cannot suffice.