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April 12, 2021 2 min read

Health Canada just issued warnings against the use of disposable maskslabeled to contain graphene or biomass graphene. These masks pose health risks, a major one being that the wearer can potentially inhale its tiny graphene particles. This, in turn, can cause“early lung toxicity” while other risks remain unknown.

This announcement comes after the agency conducted a preliminary research evaluation from the available data on these masks. Experts believe the health risks from these masks need thorough study, and so in-depth research is now underway. 

Health Canada assessed the negative impact of graphene exposure on rats and found disturbing results. The agency’s spokesman André Gagnon revealed,

“Health Canada has conducted a preliminary scientific assessment and has identified a potential for early lung toxicity in rats from inhaled graphene.”

The effect of this substance on humans and the extent of its damage to them is yet to be known. Health Canada states:

The potential for people to inhale graphene particles from face masks and the related health risks are not yet known, and may vary based on mask design. The health risk to people of any age is not clear. Variables, such as the amount and duration of exposure, and the type and characteristics of the graphene material used, all affect the potential to inhale particles and the associated health risks.”

As a precautionary move, the agency has now set out to rapidly remove graphene-comprising masks from the market, while also ordering all known manufacturers, distributors, and importers to discontinue their sales. The said products have been issued to be recalled.

What led to this finding?

A “concerned citizen” complained about symptoms from wearing a certain disposable mask, prompting Health Canada to look into its properties. This mask was found to contain graphene.

Upon investigating further, the agency came across many other people who complained of the same strange symptoms from repeatedly wearing the mask. Symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, discomfort, or a feeling very similar to “breathing in cat hairs”.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a “novel” material made of extremely tiny particles. It has been used increasingly in the last two decades but without a thorough knowledge of its risks to human health. This in itself is a key reason why Health Canada has taken strong action against graphene-containing masks.

The masks in question are coated with a single layer of graphene, a type of carbon. The arrangement of these tiny carbon particles is so tight that it purportedly does not let any virus particles slip through hence being characterized as “anti-viral”.

The issue that was identified last week is with the inhaling of these tiny particles themselves. It is already known that the tiniest of such particles can be harmful to the lungs as well we to other organs. And so their prolonged exposure is a cause for concern.

Health Canada has now advised those affected to consult health care providers.


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