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April 14, 2021 2 min read

The US has been recording morbid highs in Covid19 numbers from daily new cases to increased hospitalizations, and death tolls. In the past few days, the country had been averaging about 2230 deaths every day, until Wednesday last week, when the daily deaths suddenly spiked at 3049. 


This marks the first time the US reported more than 3000 deaths in a day. 

The highest daily death numbers the country marked during the pandemic’s first wave was 2232 in April. That number has now become our new daily average. 

While these harrowing numbers continue to still grow further, medical officials are concerned about hospitals running out of rooms, beds, and equipment needed to accommodate the covid-19 patients. 

Only last Wednesday, California set new milestones in daily cases, ICU admissions, and overall hospitalizations. Even though it is the most populous state, it can only offer up to 1500 ICU beds — a limited capacity in this predicament.

According to the US health authorities, over 289,300 lives have already been lost to this deadly virus.

Every passing week hits a new and bigger-than-ever milestone while health officials hurry to approve and distribute the much-needed Covid-19 vaccines among Americans. Britain began vaccinating its people only last week, and Canada is almost there as well.

With the pandemic situation going from worst to worst yet, the CDC and other health authorities are continuing to convince more Americans to take face masks more seriously.

Face masks are the most basic and effective protective gear that has shown results many times over. They serve the twofold purpose of protecting the wearer and preventing spread at the same time. Yet, despite knowing the logic behind wearing masks, there are those that continue to go without them. And some who outrightly refuse to wear them.

Regardless of what the majority of Americans do, one very singularly troubling fact of the matter is this. That with the exception of just a few states, most of the US is now a Covid-19 hot spot.

We need to observe social distance and mask-up more than ever before. So make sure you have extra Space Masks around the house, in your car, at work, and in your bags, just in case.