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April 14, 2021 2 min read

As the states reopen and the streets return to some of their previous hustle-bustle, it’s about high time we return to a certain healthy activity of our own  — exercise. 

The importance of physical activity cannot be stressed enough, especially now more than ever, since it also strengthens our immune systems. Many of us are not quite so comfortable going to the gym just yet, so it is safe to say that running — or at least brisk walking —  is currently our best option.

But before we put on our running shoes and step into the great outdoors, let’s share three precautions.

1- Keep at least 12 feet away from others 

The CDC has told us to generally keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others. However, this minimum distance needs to be re-evaluated when one exercising and breathing heavily. 

Studies have shown that talking, breathing, sneezing or coughing can release quite a few respiratory droplets from someone in a relaxed position. Imagine just how far these droplets can go when released while we are running and huffing and puffing.

That is why we recommend you to double up on the normal social distance. Keep at least 12 feet away from others during a workout.

2- Take your running easy

If you haven’t been exercising or running at all during the last few months, don’t suddenly push yourself to run miles. Take it easy. Listen to your body and its new rhythms. If you feel like your body’s overwhelmed after just one round the block, don’t push it to run further. Slow down and walk instead.

3- If you’re going to be near people, wear a mask

If you’re going to be near people or will be passing them by while running, then it’s best to wear your Space Mask.