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April 13, 2021 2 min read

We hope you and your loved ones are well and keeping safe in these hard times.

America has crossed the grim mark of 406,000 coronavirus deaths, as more people continue to get infected and hospitalized. 

In the yet deadliest phase of the pandemic, the incoming director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky forecasts losing another 100,000 lives to the disease in the next month. She told CBS,

By the middle of February, we expect half a million deaths in this country.” 

Walensky is an infectious-disease specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School and an expert on HIV and AIDS. 

According to her, this large number of expected deaths still doesn’t reflect the extent of devastation left behind by the virus.There are many people who still continue to suffer from Covid-19 symptoms despite it being months since they tested positive.

According to Walensky, we’re still not done dealing with the aftershocks of holiday travel and partying, the impact of which is yet to come into full effect. She said,

“We still yet haven't seen the ramifications of what happened from the holiday travel, from holiday gathering, in terms of high rates of hospitalizations and the deaths thereafter...I think we still have some dark weeks ahead.”

February forecast

The CDC revealed last week that by February 6th Americans would have a coronavirus death count of between 440,000 to 477,000. 

This prediction goes to show the pace at which the virus spread and deaths are accelerating. In the initial four months of the pandemic, the US recorded up to 100,000 deaths, while it took just a little over a month for it to jump from 300,000 to 400,000. 

And while some states are beginning to see improvements like North Dakota, there are those that are still widely swept by the virus. Only last week Georgia finally surpassed 700,000 confirmed coronavirus cases.

100 million doses in a 100 days

The new administration is determined to get 100,000 million doses in 100 days. Though the numbers seem outrageous to some, they make complete sense to those organizing them. Dr. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert told NBC on Sunday,

One thing that’s clear is that the issue of getting 100m doses in the first 100 days is absolutely a doable thing.”

The new CDC director explained the new administration is now actively looking into problem junctures or “bottlenecks” in vaccine distribution so it can reach its goal. Different states are confronted with different challenges — one state complains of the unequal rollout of vaccines, while another simply suffers from a lack of personnel, while yet another is crippled by an inefficient state-to-pharmacy supply system.

"We have looked carefully, and we are confident that we have enough vaccines for the 100 million doses over the next 100 days. It will be a hefty lift, but we have it in us to do that."

In the meantime, health authorities continue to urge people to wear masks and maintain social distancing as strictly as they possibly can

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