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April 13, 2021 2 min read

Health officials have been particularly concerned about Florida. It is the furthest along in reopening businesses and activities, and welcoming tourists, and that too in the absence of any Covid-preventive restrictions. The state is now the hardest-hit with two variants that are rising exponentially and have already doubled in a week, as per CDC data.

The number of coronavirus cases has been increasing steadily in Florida. Over the last week, its daily average has gone up to 5000 cases, a worrisome percentage of which are caused by variants.

Up until Thursday, the state had reported a total of 1,075 variant cases, which suddenly swelled up to 2,330 by Sunday, in the space of just three days.

Also, another 2,303 variant cases were reported from the rest of the US on Sunday. This increase in itself is an indication of tough times to come given that it’s twice as much as the last most significant rise in three weeks.

On the whole, the US currently has more than 11,000 Covid variants, a number that has easily doubled in the last couple of weeks when daily new cases began plateauing. 

Health authorities had been giving warnings about increased travel and influx of students coming down to Florida for spring break since mid-February. Miami Beach saw large crowds hanging out in close proximities, partying away without a mask in sight. Officials were then forced to impose curfews that were still not enough to stop many.

Not surprisingly, increasing numbers of new patients in the state are now younger people under the age of 45. And the average age of daily new cases has come down to 30. 

The bigger concern now, is what happens when many of these people, including asymptomatic cases return home. Cindy Prins, an epidemiologist at Florida University, questions what might eventually happen in just a matter of days.


“There’s no doubt that there are lots of people who have come in from out of state. That happens every year for spring break. And then the concern is what’s being brought back to their state. Are they going to bring back the variant?” 

Let’s all continue taking the recommended restrictions. 

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